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Our Mission

Our company started in 2015 in London, under the coordination and directives of a team of experts in global markets, with a long working experience in English, American and Italian companies.

During our career, we specialized in various sectors of the industrial production, including woodworking in West Africa, also by establishing new plants, and procuring European hardwoods in Eastern Europe as well as South America.

Our activities of representation and brokerage began with the goal of creating a commercial platform, aiming to become a reliable advisor for our customers and among the most professional players in Europe for the sale of sawn timber and semi-finished products.

After nearly 3 years, we have become a solid reference for many of our customers in several countries in the world, particularly in European Oak, some African selected species and Burma Teak.

IWE Quality Control

We are a dynamic and competent team, each member with different and complementary attitudes, this allowing us to better understand and solve problems related to the nature of wood.

We are involved in the development of plantations in Europe and Africa through nurseries, as well as in the sale of semi-finished products like decking and panels.

At IWE we firmly believe that the fundamental element to achieve excellence and business growth is to build a trustworthy relationship with our customers, through competence, loyalty, fairness and efficiency; and by always respecting the world forest heritage and the environment.

Clarity and transparency in every process as well as products traceability are the basis where we fund our customer’s satisfaction.

We are very concerned about to the legality of our wood and always act to protect the forests; particularly our policy is to select suppliers based in high-risk countries where corruption and illegality are still very strong. In fact, we can state that all of our suppliers are FSC or third party verified or at least EUTR compliant.


Our Team

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Cinzia De Luca
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