We proudly introduce our full range of Teak products

Edge squared boards – A.D.

Lenght :                            6-6,75’ (20%) – 7’ -8.75’ (70%) – 9’ (10%)

Widths :                           5”++ average 7” – max 10”

Thickness std :                1” (15%)  2” (70%) – 2.5”/3” (15%) – possibility to supply other thicks on demand

Oversize :                         not allowed

FEQ or FAS                                                             

Scantling – A.D

Lengths                              as per “boards”

Widths                               3”-4”-5” (3” max 10%)

Thicks                                 as per “boards”

Oversize                             not allowed

FEQ  or FAS                                 

Qualities (Boards e Scantling) –  FEQ and FAS (European FAS not American so much more qualified)


Lengths               6’++

Widths                8”++

Thicks                 4’ – 5’ – 6’


“Sawmill produce also squares  (from mm. 75×75 to 130×130), fixed widths elements and squares  destinated to top layer, parquet massiccio, decking productions and  strips and small squares for solid edge glued finger jointed panels.

For this range of products we need to know the needed specifications to quote price and conditions.

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